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Tuna Fishing – Outer Banks North Carolina

Recently  I was lucky enough to join some friends and family on a offshore fishing trip out of Nags Head North Carolina. October can be a good or bad month for fishing offshore of NC.  With the trip coming up, we watch two hurricanes skirt the east coast causing rough water and stirring up the…
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Morning Hunting Trip 10-14-2017

I headed out into the woods this morning in the humid misty nasty weather.  Other than the being a little warmer than I would like I thought I had a good chance at seeing some deer.  First light came and went and I only saw a couple squirrels.  Around 7:45 a.m. I had two does…
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Morning Hunting Trip 10-7-2017

I headed out into the woods this morning on a beautiful Saturday morning.  I went to one of my favorite spots.  After a few miss cues this morning getting to my stand, then everything was turning around.  A few minutes after I got settled in right around day break I had a yearling doe walk…
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Viare Carbon Crossbow Bolt Review

I recently purchased these Viare Carbon Crossbow Bolt 20 Inch Crossbolt Arrows Fletched 4 Inch Vane with Field Point from Amazon as I needed some new bolts for the crossbow.  Now, I don't use the crossbow very often so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the bolts, I spend that money…
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Trail Cam Update 9-25-17

I know it's been a few weeks since our last trail cam update.  However, it's been a slow year for antlers on our private land for some unknown reason.  It could be local hunting pressure or another factor near by that has caused the number of bucks to decrease this year.  The good news for…
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