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Trail Cam Pictures 8-21-2017 First Ones this year!

We finally got our camera's out and taking pictures over the last week or two.  Yes, we know about a month later than we wanted them out.  But hey, when your playing catch up in life, better late than never right? Anyway, we have gotten tons and tons of pictures of does and fawns, foxes,…
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Opening Day of Archery Season 2017 3 weeks away!

Opening day of the 2017 Maryland archery season is just three weeks from today!  For many of us, that means it's "go" time for shooting our bows, preparing our hunting equipment, and scoping out our early season hunting locations.  For others with private land, it means hanging fixed stands, setting trail cam's and preparing food…
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Summit Climbing Treestand Overview 2017

Every year we give you an overview of what our favorite treestand manufacturer has out on the market for this upcoming hunting season.  I have used Summit stands for 15+ years now, and every few years I add a new one to my collection, and I finally retired my original Cobra a couple seasons back…
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Nutritional Composition of Venison Makes It the Perfect Meat

Amber posted on our sister blog site a recipe for Venison Tacos that she cooked for us on vacation.  Since she has been focusing on weight lifting, she is constantly looking for healthy foods that give her “more bang for her buck” in terms of fat, protein, and carbohydrates (known as macros).  She posted the…
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American Hunter 350LB Tripod Feeder with Sun Slinger Kit Review

Last season, I purchased the American Hunter 350 Pound Heritage Feeder with Sun Slinger Kit  with the GSM Outdoors 30580 American Hunter Sun Slinger Kit Feeder Kit with Solar Charger.  There were three main things that drew me to this feeder rather than one of the others. 1. cost, 2. the amount of feed it…
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