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My Opening Day of Archery Season 2017

My first evening in the woods of the 2017 - 2018 season.  It was a pretty good evening all and all.  The spot I was in was pretty thick, like anywhere this time of year. I had a couple of decent shooting lanes and I had a decent view of an adjoining clearing.  The evening…
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Opening Day of Archery Season 2017 is Tomorrow!!!

Opening Day of Maryland's archery season is tomorrow!  How exciting for many, a lot of people will take to the woods tomorrow in excitement that it's opening day and the prospect of seeing deer is running high.  For others, like me, work gets in the way and opening day will likely be some time next…
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Opening Day of Archery Season is just One Week Away!

Opening day of the Maryland 2017 - 2018 archery season is now just one week away.  Very exciting for most of us who cannot wait for opening day to come each year.  I am looking forward to this season after last season was lack luster for me due to the fact I couldn't get out…
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BHM’s Top Five Bows 2017

This year we are a little later than normal on our top 5 bows of the year.  But as they say better late than never! Every year we look through the current selection of bows available from the big name manufactures and pick the 5 we like from each.  We will include reasons why we…
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Trail Cam Photo Update 8-29-2017

Just wanted to share some cool trail cam photo's with our readers.  They are of over the last week or so.  No bucks in this set, just some cool pictures of other animals and does and fawns! [caption id="attachment_3561" align="aligncenter" width="604"] Got Coons?[/caption] Enjoy the photo's and hopefully I will have more coming later in…
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