11 Point Pictures

As promised I wanted to provide everyone some daytime photo's of the 11 point I harvested on Saturday 11/3/2012.  I am including photo's of the rack as well as the last photo to show where I hit him.  It was a perfect double lung shot at 26 - 27 yards and he ran 75 - 85 yards.  The butcher is hopefully going to weigh the deer so I will try to update this post when I pick up the deer in about 3 weeks. However, we all guessed him to be 125 - 135 field dressed.  The head is safely in the hands of a taxidermist and once I get it back I will be sure to have another post with the final pictures of him mounted.

Enjoy the photo's and make sure you provided us with your trophy pictures doe or buck as well!


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  1. Ramsay
    Awesome trophy Andy. That is one of the gnarliest racks I've ever seen - certainly for central Maryland. Love the extra right-side main beam and kickers. That is a lifetime conversation piece! Congratulations.
    • admin
      Thanks Ramsay!

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