11/19 Hunting Trip

Another day in the woods... well, for me, and from the emails and text messages that I got today from many others, yesterday was a slow day in the woods.  I took a friend hunting in the morning; I had one of those mornings where everything seemed wrong, and even the deer agreed. I did not see a thing.  The friend I was hunting with saw 3 or 4 does a ways off, but only briefly and then they were gone.  The weather was perfect, but the deer did not agree.  The afternoon hunt I was hunting with 2 people I know and only one out of the 3 of us saw 2 does in the distance.  I was hunting an area that was new to me, and it shows great promise, but the deer just were not moving  yesterday... Maybe this week will bring me some better luck and the deer will start moving again!

Maybe someone, somewhere, had success yesterday? If you did let us know!

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