11/23/2012 Evening Hunting Trip

Headed back out into Loch Raven this evening with a good friend of mine.  We hunted close together so we mostly saw the same deer.  Shortly after 3 I saw a decent 8 pointer that I have been seeing in this area.  He is a good deer, probably 2 1/2 maybe 3 1/2, all around a good deer for Loch Raven.  After that things settled down until a little after 4 we had a group of does and a small 4 point come crunching through the woods, the 4 was sorta chasing around one of the smaller does, but only half heart-ed.  As it was getting dark we could hear another deer up on the hill that is a ways off chasing a doe back and forth.

All and all I only say 5 deer, but the action was stead and the possibility of a good deer was there!


How is everyone else doing? I have been seeing others out hunting as I drive through Loch Raven, anyone doing any good?

Heading out in the morning with the muzzle-loader to private property for the opening day of gun season, then I'll probably be back out in Loch Raven tomorrow evening.

Good luck everyone and be safe with the forecast-ed wind!

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  1. steve
    Ive been hunting there almost all season and only ever come across the same 3 younger deer everytime. Have seen rubs scrapes and plenty of signs of bucks but Ive been going there maybe once a week to 2 times a week since opening day and nothing. If you want to shoot me an email an let me know WHERE THEY ARE be greatly appreciated haha. I stopped going there 2 weeks ago and have been going to liberty seen a nice one bedded down with a doe but jumped up and took off before I had time to even think. Ive seen more deer and signs of deer at liberty so planning on staying in that area until I can take one out. Best of luck rest of the season.

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