11/6/2012 Evening Hunting Trip

Headed back out to Loch Raven this evening in hopes of getting a doe (or two) so I could try for another buck.  Well as how anything goes you always see what you cannot shoot.  I got in late, it was around 3 and I was worried it was too late.  Well, it wasn't as it turns out.  I had 2 fawns come down the hill right too me around 4 PM and a big doe follow them down the hill shortly after they came down.  The doe was very on edge and kept looking back up the hill, she never got close enough for a shot.  The doe wondered off and finally went back where she came from after 15 minutes or so, the fawns feed  under me for 30+ minutes.  It was cool to watch them but I wasn't going to shoot them.  Then I around 4:35 I had a six point buck come along the side of the hill walked 15 yards away and continued right past me never stopped.  A couple minutes later I had a small spike buck that came from where I had last seen the doe. He came right too me and was 8 yards under my tree and feed under me for 15 - 20 minutes.  While the spike was under me I had a nice 8 point buck walk about 28 yards away from me.  He was moving like a man on a mission, he only stopped once when I did a doe bleat but only for a half a second looked around and kept walking. He didn't seem to have any interest  in fighting another buck or in the finding a doe, just like he was heading somewhere. Maybe he was following his nose?

Well that was my evening 3 bucks and 2 fawns within range, none of which I can shot.  1 doe which is what I was looking for and she was just out of reach... That's hunting during rut for you!

Good luck to everything this week!

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