2013 Rut Prediction

I know this is a little later than normal.. But I thought I would put my opinion about rut out there because I have had a number of questions about what I think,  Well, I think rut is still coming and just as I told many back a month or so ago,  I think the peak of rut will be November 16 - 30.  Does this mean you shouldn't be in the woods now? HECK NO!  The mid October moon followed by a cold snap got bucks up and moving, making scrapes, rubbing trees, fighting, and even a few of them pushing does around a bit.. I guess it is possible a couple of does may have even gone into estrus this moon phase.  It's a great time to be in the woods and you have a pretty good chance at killing a big bow as they are up and moving some..  I think the real big boys however are probably MOSTLY still moving after dark and it wont be for a few more weeks until they come out during daylight hours more than just here and there.  The November 17th full moon will be big one this year I believe and being in the woods any time from the 14 - 30 will give you a great chance at harvesting a big boy.  This will be the peak of breeding and you will likely see all the chasing during this time frame as well.  Again, not every deer is the same and not every area will hold true to this, this is just an my opinions based in Central Maryland and I believe this now to be very true based off what I have or rather haven't seen between trail cameras and being in the woods.

Again, any time over the next 30 days is a good time to be in the woods, you cant really go wrong.  Play the wind and the weather and you just might get that chance of a lifetime.

As I said everything can be different in different locations, what are you seeing going on in terms of rut activity? Leave us a comment and let us know what's going on in your neck of the woods!

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  1. Finally got my xbow sighted in....have my annual review at work next wednesday, so after this spat of good behavior I'm planning on getting in the woods several times in the next week. The herd finally found my bait and food plot mix last week and immediately turned it into a big mud pie. One's been sleeping next to my ground blind, to top it off....
    • admin
      Kirk, Sounds like you will have some good hunting! Good luck in the woods and on your annual review! Send us some pictures when you harvest deer!
  2. james
    The last hour of my hunt at loch raven yesterday was very disappointing. Not a noise. Im in crownsville tonight. I have seen very few scrapes and rubs here but in loch raven, they have surfaced. The last time I was here, I saw a 6 pointer. Responded well to grunts. Came right at me but never gave me a shot.hopefully the storm front coming in tonight will help with the movement.
    • admin
      James, Last hour of my hunt yesterday was very disappointing as well. Just two squirrels to annoy me, otherwise nothing. Hope your hunt is going well this evening, looks like the rain is going to hold off for us. I am in my treestand office tonight, lets hope something moves tonight. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. james
    I accidentally stumbled upon this little scrape tastefully. Lock raven.
    • admin
      James, Did you attach an image to this comment? Just asking because it doesn't show up and I wanted to find out if this was part of the tech issues were are currently having.
  4. Ray Harrison
    Nov,3 seen several does and a couple bucks chasing them still has been slow up till now ,im from queen annes county on the shore
    • admin
      Ray, Nice to hear from you. Great to hear from someone on the shore, I am actually headed to MD shore this coming week for a few days. The fact that you saw some bucks chasing does is a great sign for what is to come. Thanks for the comment and good luck!

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