2014 – 2015 Maryland Archery Season is just 5 Days Away!

That is right, this years Maryland archery season is coming up on us quickly.  We are now just 5 days away as we close out summer this holiday weekend. I spent part of my weekend getting the last of my gear together and tomorrow I will be washing my hunting clothes and then spraying them down with scent killing/ cover scent spray.  I also spent a little time shooting my bow this weekend and will continue to do so right up until Friday. Few last finishing items like putting my pull rope in my treestand and making sure everything is good to go on it and I'll be all set.

I started packing my pack with flashlight, hunting license, thermacell, etc to make sure I am ready for Friday!

Friday is a big day for many of us as we have been looking forward to getting back out in the woods sitting in a tree.   This is a day I look forward to ever year and I cannot wait until Friday.

Is everyone else ready for Friday? What are you looking forward to most? Have your spot picked out yet?

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  1. Clay
    I’m so glad bow season is finally here, it has been a long time off since January 31. I am also excited because this year my youngest son will join me as new bow hunting he just completed his hunting safety course, and have been practicing hard with his bow. I have prepared one of my hunting sights, with a mineral lick, block, and camera. I will prepare another sight this week that I will use to hunt from with my son in a ground blind Last year my butcher reminded me that I need to get a deer killed in warm weather to him in 2 hours. That being said I need to make sure my son or I make a great kill shot, and have a quick recovery, and that’s no guarantee especially if we shooting up until last light. . I think I’m going to wait until end of September or October unless we get some cooler weather. I also have been saving some vacation days for the rut so I can take some time off work to find that big buck and hunt from a tree stand since my son will be in school. It’s doesn’t get any better for me! Hunting, teaching my son more about nature, being in the woods, cold weather, and when I home, there is football. I need to mention it’s not my wife favorite time of the year, but she does enjoy the meat, and the cheaper grocery bill. Happy hunting and good luck to all!
    • admin
      Clay, Thanks awesome to hear you are getting your son into the sport. I am a huge advocate for getting kids involved in the outdoors, and as bow hunting is my one true passion which i enjoy more than all other hunting and fishing I am super excited to hear you got him involved in archery hunting. I am planning to spend a decent mount of time in the woods between now and mid October, but much like you I have the fear of meat spoilage as you only have a couple hours. So, normally until October I spend my time in a tree scouting for rut and if I happen to see a big buck I will take a shot, otherwise come October I start shooting does when the weather cools down. I am so looking forward to this week, it starts hunting, Football, and hopefully those things mean cooler weather is on the way! Thanks for staying in touch and good luck to both you and your son and keep us posted!
  2. Brian
    I am good to go. Just not looking forward to the heat on Friday and Saturday.
    • admin
      Brain, Glad to hear your ready to hit the woods! The only thing I am not looking forward to is the heat this weekend. It's going to make hunting, especially in the afternoon a little more unpleasant. I wish it was going to be 20 degrees cooler, but you know what, it still beats work :-) Good Luck

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