Amber and Andy Update

Life gets busy and we like to keep our readers informed about the changes in our lives and how that might influence the blog.  Some of you might have noticed that Amber has not been the author of many posts the past year.  The reason for this was that she was finishing up her Master of Arts in Teaching Degree from John Hopkins University.  We are happy to announce that Amber graduated in May and was able to find a job that will move her into her new career field as a teacher.  Therefore, without the extra workload that graduate school can create, Amber will be writing more articles and giving her two cents a little more often.  Amber is also excited to continue her pursuit this fall of her first deer. As for me, life keeps on trucking and I am excited about the new hunting season coming soon and a new year for Bow Hunting Maryland.  Stay tuned as we roll out new and exciting changes and additions for upcoming year.


Yours Truly,

Andy and Amber

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