BHM’s Top 5 Bows of 2011


We wanted to share what we thought were the new and upcoming bows for 2011 that you might want to check out.  Whether you are looking to upgrade or are just getting into the sport.  My selection for these 5 bows is purely based on what I have read about these bows and trends I have seen in more recent years.

I also want to note these are not in any particular order.

1. Matthews: Z7 Xtreme

Aggressively compact, the Z7 Xtreme offers a rare combination of size and agility for all hunting situations. With a generous brace height of 7 3/8” the Z7 Xtreme provides superior forgiveness and helps produce tighter groups at all distances.  With speeds up to 330 fps the Z7 Xtreme will enhance your effective shooting distance and create more kinetic energy. Equipped with a ZX ™ Cam and the revolutionary Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard, the Z-Series™ has earned a reputation as the smoothest-drawing bow ever designed.


When the moment of truth finally arrives, we can unexpectedly be forced to improvise, stretch our abilities, and do the slightly impossible.  Face your challenges with confidence and Experience the Xtreme.

MSRP $899.00



2. Parker Bows: Ambusher

With ground blind hunting getting more popular, Parker has introduced the ultimate high performance ground assault compound bow, aptly named the Ambusher.

At a mere 3.45 pounds, the Ambusher is complimented by the comfort of the two piece walnut finished grip and braided wrist sling. It features a new tunable String Suppressor and Deluxe Roller Cable Guard. The extreme parallel limbs are anchored with micro-lite vented limb pockets.

The most notable and desired feature for hunters tagging deer on the ground is the Ambusher’s 28 inch axle to axle dimension.

The Ambusher is offered with two limb weights of 50 to 60 pounds and 60 to 70 pounds peak weight. The two color twist string and cables wraps around the hot new Ambusher cam. The Ambusher one cam is designed for 100% draw length coverage in one model from 27 to 30 inches draw on the Ambusher. The Ambusher cam also integrates a rock solid draw stop that is micro adjustable for customizing your anchor point to perfection.

Parker’s Ambusher cam is smooth and efficient, shooting a blazing IBO speed of 320 fps.
With 80% let-off and a generous and 7 1/2” brace height. That’s fast AND forgiving!

$599.95 Bow Only

$699.99 For the bow with the Outfitters Package



3. Diamond Archery: Dead Eye

You have invested hours upon hours and sacrificed to get here to this moment….all for this shot. This one shot. That is why you're holding a Diamond Dead Eye. Like every Diamond, it's carefully constructed to create a rock-solid, quiet bow you can trust. At a blazing 343 fps IBO, Dead Eye is the fastest and most efficient bow Diamond has ever produced. It's also full of details to make "the shot" second nature. Featuring our Throttle Cam Tech, FLX-Guard, 7-layer laminated limb, a fully machined riser, rotating draw length module and a twin-machined center-lock limb pocket system. This bow says, "the shot is yours" - and so is anything in your sights.

Selling Price: $699.99


You can also click the picture below for more information and to purchase the Diamond Archery Dead Eye Bow



4. Martin Archery: Silencer

Speed & accuracy. 
Speed & smooth draw.
Speed & more Speed!

This new bow is one fast creature! Super efficient and super deadly. A good hunting bow ought to impress you; the Silencer will flat out blow you away! Rarely does a speed bow sound this quiet or draw so smooth.

Equipped with Nitro Hybrid Pro Cams, this is a bow that will outperform bows costing hundreds more. Such innovations as our new PowerTough Limbs assure the Silencer will be ready when you need it. New TRG and SOS features are also included to make sure this bow lives up
to its name.

Silence the crowd...with a Silencer.

MSRP $566.99



5. Fred Bear: Carnage

Introducing the next evolution of Bear engineering and craftsmanship, the all new Bear Carnage. The Carnage is the fastest, smoothest and most efficient bow Bear has introduced to date. Speed, power, smoothness, and efficiency is what makes the Bear Carnage the new PERFECT KILLER.

MSRP $849.99



The 5 bows above are the 5 bows that I think everyone should check out if you’re in the market for a new bow or if you are just getting started.  I do not think you could go wrong with any of these choices from what I have read and heard.


Do any of you own one these bows, or used one?  Please leave a comment with your experience with the product and how you liked it.  Since I have never used any of these I would love to hear everyone else weigh in on what they think about our top 5 choices for 2011!

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