Evening Hunting Trip 1/1/2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Headed out into Loch Raven this evening in hopes of finally getting a shot at something...  Well, that didn't happen. I saw a deer early on, at 3:50PM but it was running and headed in the wrong direction.  Just after that around 4PM I had 4 turkeys come through the thicket about 50 yards away.  That was pretty cool.  Then around 4:10 PM I had yet another turkey land in a tree just behind me and scare the living heck out of me when it landed.  This isn't something i am use to when hunting and turkeys in Loch Raven is really something new the past year or so.

That was really the end of my evening. I got down a little early and was walking out of the woods just at dark and saw a number of deer running in a clearing, so maybe I was in the wrong spot? Maybe I got down too early?  Who the heck knows, just another night in this hunting season.

Get back at it this weekend.  There has to be a deer somewhere with my name on it, so to speak. 🙂

Anyone else make it out this New Years day and have any success??

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