Evening Hunting Trip 12/2/2014

I hit the woods on our private land this evening hoping something would walk by that would either be a bigger buck or a doe for the freezer...  Well, it started about 4:20 PM, I had 2 does walk out followed by 2 fawns.  They went out into the field to eat and passed about 45 - 50 yards away... Just out of bow range... Then I had the 6 which I have let walk a number of times this year and I watched him walk by.... Then I had a small 8 point walk by which will be a very nice deer next year. But with my massive hunting drought I have going on this year, I got real close to shooting him, he was right on the line for too far away.  But I let him walk, as I really would like him to grow another year.  Then I thought my evening was over as I was watching these deer out in the field eating and knew the chances of the does walking into the woods close enough to shoot before dark wasn't great.  Then I saw something else coming, it was a the other little buck, which I thought was an 8 but he is like a 6 or 7. It was starting to get dark so I never really got a good look at him and he was also 45 yards away.  Finally it started to get dark and the deer worked off into the woods 50 - 60 yards away and I got down and headed home.

Good evening and lots to see the last hour of the day.  Just wish I had finally gotten a shot, I have been waiting a while.

Maybe next time..

Anyone else been out bow hunting?  Or gun hunting for that matter and had success?

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