Gun Hunting 12/1 – 12/3/2017

With gun season in full swing, I hit the woods again the end this week and weekend in attempt to harvest a deer.

It started Friday morning, I got in the woods around 6:10 am, about 25 minutes before legal shooting light.  The property I was hunting on the deer sometimes move right at first light and only at first light.  I wanted to make sure I was in and settled before it even got twilight.  The fun started a few minutes later.  While it was still dark I had 2 deer come across the hill and walk 20 yards in front of me. I knew they were there but only by sound it was still very dark and I couldn't see them at all.  I heard the cross the hill, go down in the bottom and back up the hill across from me and they were gone.

I was hoping they would come back, but knew since they had gone up the other hill that wasn't likely.  Finally, about 6:45 am, just a few minutes after legal shooting light I heard something coming down the hill from behind me.  Soon, I saw two deer headed across the hill and they were going to walk right in front of me. I got my gun up and ready and moved as far in the direction they were coming from as I could without spooking them.  The first deer and bigger one was now only about 15 yards in front of me, when the other one saw me trying to swing around on the first one and jumped and ran down in the bottom.  Thankfully, the first one spooked but only ran about 10 yards down the hill and turned broadside to me.  I keeping got my gun where it needed to be, and hammer down.  It was an easy 25 yard shot, and she only ran about 20 feet.  I waited a few minutes to see if the other one would come back, but she didn't. I went and got the deer and took care of her before it got too late, and off to work I went.  She was a health yearling doe, pictured below.

Saturday morning:

Saturday morning I was back out in the woods, got in early again and waited. It wasn't until about 7:30 am when I saw movement over my left shoulder that was coming down from a direction I couldn't shoot.  I quickly saw it was 2 does, they were coming from up by the owners house, no shots and they stayed in the thicket before walking back where they came from.  That was my while morning.

Saturday evening:

The evening was a little more exciting, the folks on the property to me right were doing a drive, so I figured hey what the heck, maybe they will push something to me.  Well, about 4 pm, they did a little fawn came running across the hill too far away to shoot and she laid down in the thicket where I couldn't shoot.  about 30 minutes later, I heard more noise coming from the opposite direction, and here comes 3 does across the other private land where I cannot shoot abut 120 yards away.  They walked across the hill, the other got up as they passed and they all walked out of site up a narrow thicket and were gone. That was my evening.

Sunday Morning:

I got an invite to head back to Harford county for a Sunday morning hunt. When I left the house it was raining and sleeting, YUCK!.  Well, that yucky stuff quit just in time to get in a stand before daybreak.  Got settled in and waited, couldn't hear anything and fog was quickly setting in so couldn't see much.  Waited for what seemed like forever, and about 7:50 am, I caught movement down in the bottom from me.  I saw a doe and watched her for a minute or less and all of the sudden she twisted her head around and her tail went up and off she and walked turn out to be a second deer took off up the hill across from me.   They were gone as fast as I had seen me....  Sadly that was my morning other the the cool picture below.

How did you do? have you harvested anything?  We would love to hear from you.

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