Morning Muzzleloader Hunt 1/10/2015

I was lucky enough to get an invite to some private land yesterday morning to do a little gun hunting on the last day of gun season this season. I took my muzzleloader in hopes of finally getting a deer.  The location was a very cool spot and yesterday in more than one way.  Not only was the location a good hunting spot, but it sure was cold! It was only 10 degrees both when we got there and left.  Got into the woods a little  later than normal around 8 AM.  On the way to my stand I spooked a small deer out the creek bottom and it took off running. Sadly no shot was  possible but hey I saw a deer within the first 10 minutes!   I got into my stand and was warm at that point, but that didn't last more than about an hour.  I heard lots of shots around the area and around 9 AM I saw a big doe about 200 yards away coming down the creek bottom toward me. She stopped and started to feed in a clearing about 150 - 175 yards away.  She kept feeding around the area and finally started to walk again.  The snow made it so easy to see the deer and where they were moving.  The doe started to walk toward me but then quickly turned and headed up the other hill into the thicket going away from me.  She was gone almost as fast as she appeared.

I sat for another 2 hours and the deer were moving based on the shots fired around me, just not in my little section of woods.  My luck this season seems to continue. But it was a good day in the woods and happy to be out in the woods other than the fact it was cold very, very, cold.

I will hopefully try to get out bow hunting a few more times before the end of the season!

Anyone else do any good on this last two day gun season?

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