New Archery Products (NAP) Shockwave Broadhead Review



The NAP (New Archery Products) Shockwave has been out for a number of years now.  They are an inch and a quarter cutting diameter mechanical broadhead.  They offer a bone splitting tri vex point for better penetration. It also offers stainless steel blades for increased durability.  They are offered in 85 – 100 – 125g sizes and they also offer replacement blades for each size.  I personally have been using these broadheads since 2003 and would not trade them for anything. They open at every angle slice right through bone even on those almost straight down shots or that sweet quartering away shot. I know when I shoot these broadheads, as long as the arrow hits where I am aiming, the deer will not be far away.


The best part of this broadhead is it does not take much energy to open and it ALWAYS opens on contact. Stainless steel blades mean that they are strong, durable and the fact that you can replace the blades is just an added bonus.  The 1 1/4" cutting diameter meets most states requirements for big game hunting. They are an all around great broadhead and for the price you cannot beat them.

The Con's:

I think the two biggest downsides to these broadheads is the rubber o rings that keep the blades in place during flight, and the fact that the aluminum base ring sometimes gets cut through or will not come off after shooting one or two deer with the same broadhead.  The rubber o rings are great as long as you keep up with them.  After a while of being out in the weather and sun, if you do not replace them sometimes they break when you do not want them to with the slightest touch.  The aluminum base ring gets a small dimple in it from each blade after you shoot it and it opens all the way.  I think it is a good design and I understand why it is there.  However, sometimes after shooting just one deer it is impossible to remove to clean the broadhead to get it ready for your next outing.  I have also had it break, the blades actually cut through it on contact with the ribs of a deer.  Meaning, I had a broadhead that was perfectly good, but I could not use it anymore because I had no aluminum base ring and you cannot buy just them.

Final Thoughts:

I know I discuss the cons about the product as things that I do not like about them, but in the end for the price and fact that they take deer out when they hit the right place you cannot beat them.  They are reliable and if you screw one up, save the aluminum base ring and use it if you destroy one or if it winds up missing.  Do not forget that you can replace the blades, I have shot 3 – 4 deer with a single broadhead before without having to replace anything, but even after that the blades were a little dull and had some chips in them so I replaced the blades and was good to go again.  Overall, I would recommend these broadheads to anyone who wants to shoot a mechanical broadhead and know that it will open and give you the best chance at harvesting your deer quickly and humanely. The added bonus of the price just makes the choice even better.

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  1. James
    I have used them for the past 2 seasons and love them. work well out of everything including my 53 pound recurve, took two turkeys this spring with the recurve shooting them. one shot 32 yards, complete pass through, the other 45 yards and again a complete pass through. can't say enough about them

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