New Maryland DNR App

There’s an app for that???

If you hunt in the public hunting areas in Maryland, then yes, there is an app for that.  Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been busy designing a new app that will run on both Android and Apple formats.  I know many times I have pulled up a map of the reservoir hunting areas at home, and then scouted that same land before hunting.  Now you can have those same maps with you on your phone.  Access to much of DNR’s website will now be at your fingertips.


Here is a breakdown of the app’s features at a glance:

  • Location-based maps and directions to State-owned lands and attractions
  • Maryland State Park activities and amenities
  • Fishing and hunting season information
  • Hunting harvest mobile submission option
  • Trophy Case, hunting photo sharing through Facebook, Twitter or by email
  • A location-based sunrise/sunset and tide update
  • Maryland fish and shellfish identifier
  • Hunting, fishing and boating regulation guides
  • Breaking DNR news and alerts


To download: Apple users (i.e. iPhone or iPad) visit the App Store.

Android users can use this link.

For more information, visit


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  1. SBD
    I spoke with someone from DNR the other day and she mentioned they are working on a fairly major enhancement. Today the maps are static and very poor quality but soon they will be properly scaled, enhanced, and geo referenced so in the field you'll be able the see your location via your smartphone, on the map. Not sure how far away it is though.
    • SBD
      More info, the first map is done for Gwenbrook but no telling when the rest will be complete. Once you get too the Gwennbrook you'll see the instructions but basically you need to save the map to a file, download another app called Avenza, and then use that to launch the map. I just did it and it worked very well.
      • admin
        SBD, Sounds good. I know a number of states out west have joined up with an APP company and made it so any state lands are loaded into their APP so you can see in real time where you are and where is legal to hunt and all that good stuff. I had heard Maryland was thinking about doing something like that but never heard any more about it. I look forward to seeing when they do some of the other lands, but having 1 down is a good start. Thanks for letting us know about that!
        • SBD
          I had a chance to try the new app last night, certainly an improvement over the paper maps but there's not much topo or geographic details but so still a lot to be desired imo. I've started building a custom Google map of the central MD area for hunting. If you're interested in seeing it please send me you're email address and I'll send you and invitation to view. I just added Liberty Res and most of the public Montgomery county WMA boundaries and now starting to add more details. I'd be interested to get your input and see if this would be useful for collaborating and sharing info on a limited basis.
          • admin
            That's awesome. You can email us any time at Happy to if nothing else give you input and feedback.

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