Opening Day of Late Muzzleloader Season 2017

Well, the snow the night before opening day made it so I had to work the opening morning of muzzleloader season.  Brrrr it was cold out, I left the house about 7:20 am and it was 14 degrees.. Yikes!  I was working and it was cold, I don't want to think about sitting in a stand when it's that cold. (even know I do).

Anyway, I was able to get out for the afternoon hunt with some snow still on the ground.  On my way to the place I was hunting I almost hit several does that came running out and crossed the road right in front of me... Thankfully that was avoided and I headed to my hunting location.

I got settled in for the evening hunt a little after 2 pm.  It was chilly but otherwise a beautiful evening.  I had high hopes of seeing something as I figured the deer would be up and moving since it was so cold the night before.  Well, time went by and I saw a fox about 4:30 pm.  Dark started to set in and still nothing.... and more nothing......  It was an all around slow evening and I never did see anything.  I guess the deer either moved middle of the day, or just weren't in that area that evening for whatever reason.

I headed out of the woods, man hunting has been slow for me this season.....

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