Opening Day Two Weeks Away!!

Maryland's opening day of archery season is just two weeks away!  How exciting for all of us archer's.   I wanted to take this time to share what I have been doing over the past few weeks and what I will be doing over the next two weeks.  I also want to talk a little about opening day itself.

I will start by saying,  I have spent the last several weeks very busy finishing up some last minute scouting of some spots that may or may not be places I will hunt.   I have also been shooting my bow most evenings and with the addition of a new site (my old one broke while practicing) shooting on a regular basis is even more important.  Amber and I were out shooting the other night and I think I got the better of her as you can see in the picture below.

Opps, I guess I shouldn't shoot at her arrows

I have also been looking at maps, and comparing notes from past years along with notes from scouting this pre-season to figure out a game plan for hunting this fall.  You have to think not just about opening day, but you start to think about where you will hunt early season, mid season, rut, and late season.

Over the next two weeks, I will be getting my treestand ready and packing my gear up.  Washing my camo to insure it is sent free.  Sealing my leather boots as I talked about in my sealing leather boots article last season.  Making sure all of my other gear, boots, treestand, bow, release are all scent free.   I will make sure my license and such are packed in a zip-lock bag to insure it remains dry should I be hunting in bad weather.

Finally I want to talk a little about opening day itself.  As we all know opening day is 8 days earlier than what all of us are use to.  This will present many different situations for all of us planning to head out the first week of hunting season.  For one, we all have to consider the fact that we all could have a chance at a buck in velvet.  Over the years I have watched bucks lose their antlers between labor day and opening day of bow season.  This means this year we may just have that chance not only a deer of a lifetime, but the rare change to take that deer in velvet!

The next thing we have consider is the weather, a lot of years by the time opening day finally gets here we have had at least one evening in the 40's and I can remember several opening days in the past few years that were down in the 30's in the morning.  I can say with a decent amount of certainty that will not be happening this year.  Sitting here looking at Accu Weather, the average high/low for that day is 84/67.  The current forecast calls for it to be sunny, high 82 low 60.   I am sure this weather forecast will change between now and then, but you need to think about the weather, it will affect your hunt, going into the woods, coming out, if you are lucky enough to harvest something, and of course will affect the deer's movement if it is hot out.

Of course as I sit here I am talking about the things that I am thinking about as I prepare for opening of the season.  I hope I have given everyone some food for thought and not only help you, but excite you about opening day as much as I am.

What do you think about the earlier opening day ?  Have I missed anything we should all be doing before opening day?


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  1. Clay
    What's the deal with DNR requiring a Social Security Number to get a hunter license? Attaching a trail camera picture. Deer appears larger in close-up picture.
    • admin
      Clay, DNR switched to the new licensing system called compass. It will allow you to buy licenses easier and get replacements easier should you need one. They ask for your Social Security Number now because I believe that is how they store the information for future use. That is one way that insures no two people are alike in their database. Hopefully that makes some sense. Thanks for the pictures, looks like a dandy 8 point buck. Good Luck and thanks for sharing we love to hear from our readers!
      • Clay
        Thank you.

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