Past Few Weeks of Hunting

I spent the last few weeks hunting off and on between bow hunting, muzzleloader hunting and today back to gun season.  I must say that I honestly don't have much to say.  This isn't my year for hunting.  I haven't seen a deer while in my stand since back in late November.  It's been 10 - 15 hunting trips without seeing a deer in the woods.  I am getting pretty frustrated at this point, but I also know it's hunting and this can happen to the best of us.

The way I see it there are many factors that go into me not seeing deer for so long.  So so hunting spots, mostly hunting public land which is hard to start with but even harder this time of year.  That combined with the weather, and just a general good old fashion case of bad luck and it sums everything up. I know that every time I get in a tree now I am second guessing.  Should I have gone to the other spot?  Should I be in this tree or should I be over in my other tree 200 yards away.  On the flip side to this, we will go with the grass is always greener on the other side theory and assume that if I did go to the other spot or the other tree maybe I would have harvested a deer by now.

Instead it's been the season of bad luck. Early in the season, I couldn't get shots or didn't see deer. Middle of the season I just kept getting busted or the deer were not close enough to shoot.  Both gun and muzzleloader season I have yet to see a deer. and now that late season is upon us and only 3 weeks left, I really hope my luck turns around and I can get some freezer meat.  If not, I will write this season off as a  learning experience and spending some good time in the woods enjoying nature and a good part of it spending time with friends and family.

I would never trade the experiences, just wish some of them had a different ending.

How has everyone else been faring in the woods lately?  Has this screwy weather screwed up your hunting too?  Love to hear how others are doing and maybe see some pictures of harvested deer.

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  1. Don
    It's been about the same for me in the deer woods I passed on a few early had a miss in mid season and not much since so I decided to forgo deer and go duck and goose hunting with only slightly better results.I think the warm weather had a lot to do with the deer changing patterns where I hunt and I have not had enough time in the woods to figure it out. That's the challenge of public land hunting.
    • admin
      Don, I agree this weather has really made hunting hard. I know from the people that I have talked to most have been out hunting and not seeing anything. There are a few that have private land and they said they are herding up and they are seeing deer every time they hunt. It's really odd what is going on. I think the weather up until now has really changed what is going on in the woods. Hunting public land has been tougher than tough this season. Got a few weeks left of hunting season get back at it now that the weather turning colder. I hopefully come across a group of deer late season and can get a shot, need some meat in the freezer. Good luck to you Don if your getting out between now and the end of the season!

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