Post Season Shed Hunting 2013

Over the last couple weeks I have a headed out in the woods a couple times and and had fifty fifty results  in finding a shed. Only found one decent one thus far, but hey we all have got until the grass starts growing.  My first trip out I went with a friend of mine somewhere I have never really walked or shed hunted and  we found a side off a little 6 point (pictured below).  We walked for about 3 hours that day.


My next trip out I went with a different friend to an area I try to visit each year. That trip we found 3 antlers, a side of a 4, 6, and what we assume was a 10 or 11.  The 6 and 11 sides are pictured below.  We walked for solid 3 hours on that trip and u was pleasantly surprised as normally you are lucky to find 1 let alone 3 in one trip.  But I always like shed hunting with someone else, as having two sets of eyes is a good thing for covering an area to feel like you haven't missed anything.  I will continue to go out over the next 3 - 5 weeks shed hunting even leading up to spring turkey season.. It's always worth looking but commonly by turkey season growth has made it almost impossible to find any deer sheds.  I will keep you posted if I or anyone we know finds anything of note!  Anyone else been out and found sheds? Leave a comment with a picture!!



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  1. Richard Gourley
    Found 5 drops yesterday plus a saw a small 8 pt still holding on to both sides. Best year for me to date , 13 total with some real beauties to boot. No pairs though. What did stand out to me this year is the amount of old sheds that I found, about half of this years finds are from previous years. Here is a sample from this year that has been in woods for at least a couple of seasons except for one on right which is only 1 season old by guestimate. Still plenty of time left to get out there and get em though. To me this is just as enjoyable as deer hunting itself
    • admin
      Richard, You have had a good year it looks like. Some of those are from 3 - 4 years ago as it appears. There are also some nice looking deer. I haven't found anything since the few shown in the picture, but I wont give up hope until the grass and such grows too high and thick to find them anymore. Thanks for sharing with us we also enjoy hearing how others are doing and seeing pictures is even better! Good luck!

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