Sheds 2014

2014 has been a slow year for me in shed hunting.. I have been out a few times when there is not snow on the ground and had little success.   What I have found a number of is dead fawns, I probably found 6 - 8 including the one that appeared to freeze to death on our private land which I found back when it was super cold.  So, lots of bones, but not so many antlers this year.  On a side note to this, with the large number of fawns that did not make over this winter, that is going to reduce the number of young deer, so you will likely see less yearling does and small bucks this year than in the past few years when we had non-existent winters.

As for the shed hunting,  I have found 1 shed those far this spring and it looked to be fairly newly dropped last week.  It was the side of what I would guess to be a 6 point, pretty small but good mass for a little guy (picture below).  I found it walking a section of Loch Raven I walk each year and normally find at least something and that held true this year.

Shed 1 2014

The next picture is of a shed a good friend found about 2 weeks ago before the snow came. It is a single side of what looks like it would of been a 10 or 11 point if the other side matched (pictured below). He was telling me he wished he had taken a picture, (but didn't think about it so didn't), but that the antler was actually hanging in a small tree/bush.  The deer must have been walking by or he rubbed his antlers on the bush and when it fell off it got caught in the branches and just hung there. I wanted to share the story with you as he did with me since that isn't common and pretty cool since I have never seen one hanging in a tree.

Shed 2 2014

I will likely get out a few more times over the next couple weeks as it warms up in hopes of finding one or two more sheds before the other animals chew them up or others find them.

Has anyone else been out shed hunting this spring and found anything good?  Love to hear or see some pictures!!! You can either attach them to a comment or email them to us!

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