Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 Strikeout

First of all Happy Belated Thanksgiving from our family to all of yours!

I first headed out in the woods Thursday morning as this is something I used to do every year as a tradition and had given it up for a few years due to traveling to see different family.  Well, it's back on and I hope to continue it for years to come.  The snow cover made me think it was going to be a really good morning.  It was clear, cold and snow on the ground, which normally in the past has made for good hunting for me.  Well, got out in the woods and it was picture perfect, but the woods was dead.. Nothing was moving other than birds.  I didn't see a thing all morning and with family dinner plans I had to get out of the woods around 9 AM.   I am not sure why nothing was moving, but I am guessing it was because of the odd weather the day before.  That being said maybe all the deer were off visiting family for the holiday 😀

Saturday Opening day of shotgun season:

Well,  I was bow hunting not gun hunting as I was hunting Loch Raven.  Saturday morning was pretty quite, nothing was moving, I didn't hear or see any deer and I didn't even hear any shots close from the private property.  The friend I was hunting with finally got down around 9 AM and took a walk around the thicket that we were hunting and attempted to push something down the hill to me.  Well, it worked around 9:30 AM I had a single deer run down the hill about 70 yards away but I couldn't tell you what it was and it just kept running it never got any closer to me.

Saturday afternoon:

Headed back into Loch Raven Saturday afternoon hoping for better results then the morning.  Got into the woods and it was a beautiful afternoon, so nice in fact I was falling asleep in my treestand.  As the afternoon went on I hadn't seen anything, but I still had hope.  Around 4:30 PM I saw a small buck and 2 does about 175 yards away in a clearing coming up the other side of the hill I was hunting. They stayed in the clearing for a few minutes and then went back down where they came from.  A few minutes later I had a 6 pointer walk about 100 yards in front of me across the hill. He went up into the clearing and then down over the other side of the hill where the other deer had been.   That was the end of the evening the sun went down and the woods was quite.  Rough weekend hunting as I barely saw anything let alone got a shot at something.  Makes it hard to sit in a tree sometimes when you aren't seeing anything. But you likely wont see or get a shot at a deer from in your house.  Unless you count watching outdoor network.

Anyone else have success this weekend? I know lots of people were out! Love to hear some success stories and see some photo's of harvested deer!

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