The end of Maryland’s 2013 – 2014 Bow Season is Just 1 Week Away!

Yes, I am sad to announce that there is just 1 week left to the 2013 - 2014 hunting season in Maryland.  It has been another great season even with it's up's and down's for many of us.   Everyone I know has had some frustrations this season including myself.  Although my one friend had a successful year with the 9 pointer taken on the eastern shore and  another deer back here in Loch Raven a few weeks later.  I on the other hand didn't get anything until just a few weeks ago and it was a yearling for the freezer.  Past opening day I didn't even have a shot at any decent size antlers.  I have seen several good deer, just never worked out to get a shot.

On the other hand I know several friends that have either lost or missed bucks this year and they are more frustrated than I am.  I feel for them and many of them are just ready to get geared up for next season.  It has just been  a strange year with the trickle rut and weather changes 2 - 3 times a week.  Many of us have been fighting the weather and work to spend enough time in the woods to get those shots at a good deer.

With the sub-zero wind chills the last week or two and snow hunting has been tough. I have been out a few times and seen deer, and they surely are herding up finally, but I haven't had any shots.  Some bucks have shed or broken off their antlers already while others still have full head gear.  With no weather changes in sight and more snow in the forecast for the next week, use the snow to your advantage if you are willing to brave the cold.  Find well used trails in the snow and park it near by. The deer will be focusing on browse since all the normal ground food sources are covered.  Thickets close to bedding areas, and any food source either a feeder or natural will attract deer and likely a lot of them since they are herding up.

I personally love hunting in the snow, just cannot deal with the wind, so I have only been out a couple times these past couple weeks, but I will likely be attempting to get out a couple times before the end of the season for another freezer doe or maybe that buck will finally walk past my tree!

Anyone else headed out in the cold to do some last week hunting?  Love to hear what you are seeing and what you are doing to try to get a late season deer!

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  1. Clay
    I am going out one last time tomorrow afternoon. I also have loss a couple of bucks this year. Since next week is a full work week for me tomorrow is the only day I will have available.
    • admin
      Clay, Like you I am going to head out tomorrow afternoon and brave the cold. However, I will also try to sneak out of work Friday to hunt as well just because there is something about hunting opening and closing day that makes it feel like you should. HAHA We have all had an interesting year up's and down's but it's hunting and that is the way it goes and what drives me to be better and try harder the next season. Hopefully we all have a good year next year and I will be here to share it and hopefully everyone can share with me! Plus, the off season I have turkey hunting, trout fishing, bass fishing, and maybe even a trip or two out of the bay to look forward to! Good luck tomorrow!

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