Viare Carbon Crossbow Bolt Review

I recently purchased these Viare Carbon Crossbow Bolt 20 Inch Crossbolt Arrows Fletched 4 Inch Vane with Field Point from Amazon as I needed some new bolts for the crossbow.  Now, I don't use the crossbow very often so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the bolts, I spend that money on good arrows for my compound and other accessories.  So, I did a search and found these and they had pretty good reviews.

Well, after getting them, I must say they passed the visual inspection.  They came in a box, with 125 gr. field points, everything they said they were. They were a great deal for a dozen crossbow bolts. I inspected them and they seem just as good as any of the other competitors arrows.

Next was the shooting test,  I started at close distance and worked my way out.  They perform well, in fact maybe better than the name brand bolts I had been using.  They seem to fly straight, they seem pretty consistent, and they seem to have the same punch on impact.  Overall, I would say without harvesting a deer with one of them, they perform just as well or better than any other bolt I have used and are a better deal.  I am extremely happy with them and look forward to chance to harvest a deer with them.

I would defiantly recommend these bolts if your looking for new ones.


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