First Trail Cam Photos of 2013

We put our cameras out several weeks ago.. After a very slow start of a does, foxes,  and raccoon's we finally got a few pictures that are worth sharing but not quite what we were looking for...  Still looking for pictures of a decent buck  or even better one big enough to gain that title of shooter!  So below are a few images we got over the past couple weeks that we wanted to share with everyone.

4 Point 8/4/2013

4 Point 8/10/2013

2 Small Bucks 8/13/2013

4 Point 8/13/2013

The past couple days we got all of our cameras up and running and hope to have some better pictures to share in the coming weeks before the season starts!  Hopefully that shooter shows his face on one of the cameras!

Do you have your trail cams out? What are you getting pictures of? We would love too see and promise to no give away the locations!

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