Mystery Deer 2010



Picture 1

So this 8 point buck came out on 12/3/2010 around 1:30a.m., I had never seen this deer before, nor would I see him again. My trail cam captured 4 photo’s the 1 above is the first and the sequence of all 4 is below.  Yes I had one other deer like this come out last season, but this one earned my mysterious deer award for 2010.  There are a couple reasons for this, I had the camera set to take 5 pictures at a clip, I only got 4 pictures of him and the 5th was blank. So he was moving quickly, and never came back to the area. The thing that put this deer over the top for me, was that I have never seen a deer with longer G3’s than G2’s, have you? I know I am sheltered hunting just in central Maryland, so maybe one of our readers that hunt elsewhere has seen a deer like this as well? I also believe this is the largest deer I got on trail cam this past season.

Share your photos or stories of deer like this by adding a comment below; I would love to see if there are more deer like this one.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture Five? right, it was a black picture other than that tree 🙁

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