Opening Day is Just Two Weeks Away!


Well…here we are just two weeks away from opening day of the 2011 bow season.   We have all been practicing, scouting, and preparing for opening day.  I would also like to note that a friend of mine sent me an email this morning reminding me that he had two weeks and two days left (he has to work, so Saturday the 17th is his opening day).   For all of our readers that cannot hunt on opening day, but plan to hunt opening weekend, we still consider you an opening day hunter and wish you the best of luck.

So, I made my final hunting to-do list today to prepare for opening day.  I want to encourage everyone to add to this list and tell us what your final preparations before opening day are, so leave us a comment and give us your thoughts.

Here it is…the top thing on my list is to go buy batteries for my flashlights and walkie-talkies.  Normally, this would not be a big deal, but it is an easy thing to forget.  I also must note, all of us on the east coast just endured Hurricane Irene so battery supplies were wiped out because it is 5 days after the storm and many people are still without power.  So finding batteries this year may be a little challenging until stores are able to re-stock.  Also, do not forget to check the battery in your range finder, they do not last forever and some take a special battery.

Next, I have to re-pack my hunting pack with my flashlights, sharpened knives, put my binoculars and range finder back after using them for practicing.

If you have not already done so, it’s time to buy your 2011 – 2012 Maryland Hunting License.  I plan to do that today before I forget.   For any of us that plan to hunt the reservoirs, remember to fill out your free permit, as you are required to have it on you any time you are hunting one of the reservoirs.  I mostly hunt Loch Raven and they offer an online printable permit. 

I also plan to take my treestand out and setup my Glen Del Full Rut 3D target and shoot from within the stand a few times over the next two weeks.  This will give me even more realistic shots to practice.

Now is also the time to screw on a few old broadheads and practice with them.  If you use fixed blade broadheads, this is very important as they can perform very differently than a field-tip.  Nevertheless, you should shoot any type of broadhead a few times to make sure it performs correctly and you are deadly accurate with it.

Finally, a day or two before opening day, I will take all my gear outside and de-scent it once again just to make sure it has not taken on any type of odors that I cannot smell with my own noise.  I also take this time to put some form of cover scent on it and allow it to dry in the sunlight.  I normally use a Earth Smelling Masking scent Made by Wildlife Research Center.  I have had very good success with this cover scent, and I will reapply on my way into the woods on opening day.


Soon, we will all be up in a tree, or sitting in a ground blind waiting, hoping that the next twig that breaks is not a squirrel, but the deer that we have been looking for.  Remember, enjoy the outdoors, hunt often, hunt safely, ethically, and always remember to take a family member or friend out hunting if they choose.  Showing others the great outdoors and our passion for hunting and teaching them the right way is the key to keeping the sport alive.

We look forward to hearing stories from opening day.  We would also enjoy seeing some photos, so if you have a picture you would like to share, email them to us at and we will post them.  Please include at least your first name, who took the photo if it was someone other than you, so we can give photo credit, date, and information you would like us to include with the picture.


Good luck on opening day!

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