Trail Cam Photo Update 8-18-2014

As promised earlier this week, here is an update with the trail cam photo's we have gotten over the past 2 or so weeks.  We have a couple of regular bucks coming into our food plot.  We were also able to capture a decent buck on camera out in Loch Raven where we had a camera a couple weeks ago.  We also currently have a camera out in Loch Raven and will hopefully have some more photo's to share with you on our next update. Have you got any good Trail Cam photo's this summer?  We would love you to share them with us! Enjoy the pictures! 6 Point 7/26/2014

6 Point 7/26/2014   6 Point 7/30/2014   8 Point 7/30/2014   8 Point 8/1/2014 Loch Raven

8 Point 8/1/2014 Loch Raven   6 Point 8/2/2014   6 Point 8/4/2014


Fox 8/8/2014

6 Point 8/13/2014


6 Point 8/14/2014

6 & 8 Point 8/14/2014


8 Point 8/14/2014

8 Point 8/14/2014

6 Point 8/16/2014

6 Point 8/17/2014



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  1. Clay
    Hello all, I have a question for Andy. My bow keep shooting to the left. I just brought it last year, a Matthew Creed, with a whisker biscuit arrow rest. I moved the sight to the left as far as I can and it continue to shoot left of the target. Yesterday, I adjusted the arrow rest to the left and it's shoot right on target from 30 yards. Did I undo the paper tuning by moving my arrow rest to the left? Thank you.
    • admin
      Clay, Sorry for the delayed response. I have been out of town this past week for work. As for the question about your tuning. Paper tuning is a base line, not set in stone. Get someone to watch you shoot, paper tuning just ensures your arrow is flying correctly and if you can get someone to watch your arrow you can get achieve the same thing without having to paper tune it again. From what it sounds there is a problem with rest anyway so you were correct to move it. Just because your arrow is flying straight doesn't mean it's accurate. So, get your bow shooting correctly and accurate and then if your arrow is not flying correctly you can deductively figure what the issue is without having to change a whole lot. I hope this helps and if you need more info just leave another comment or send us an email.
      • Clay
        Thank you, appreciate your advice.

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