Trail Cam update 1/23/2013

I know it's been a while since I uploaded some photos, but after rut all the bucks vanished.  Haven't seen even little bucks let alone any big boys.  We did take down most of our cameras because this is time of year they are more visible and sadly some people tend to steal cameras when they find them out in the woods rather than just leaving them alone like most of us do.  So late season we limit where our cameras are.

Needles to say our resident camera finally got a couple pictures of a 4 pointer (only one of his head) that we hadn't seen before.  He was out feeding a couple days ago right around dark.  Not something we would shoot, but nevertheless fun to look at and could be a big 6 or small 8 next season.  Something to look forward to seeing.

Anyone else still have a trail cam out? We would love to see some photos of late season bucks or any other cool photos you might have!

Below is one photo, the only one we got that showed his head!

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  1. Clay
    I went out today, although I wasn't planning on it. But since I took a snow day I decided to take advantage of it. I got started late and didn't get in woods until 9:00AM. I was still hunting from the same located I got my 8pts buck in Nov. Around 9:45 I saw a small doe trying to be sneaky about 40 yards away. I was wondering why so was being sneaky as I got ready for a shot. As I waited, I saw more deer in the direction the small doe went toward. 3 does were scouting the area, I guess they spotted me or scented me. I forgot I bathed with regular soap this morning thinking I was going to work . The 4 ran off with out me getting a chance to pull my bow. It was nice to get that arderline(sp) again. I might go back for an afternoon hunt, or just wait for Saturday morning since the snow isn't going anywhere.
  2. Clay
    I went back out around 4:00PM. As I was walking to my spot, I saw 2 deer walking, we were headed in the same direction. I stopped and got down on one knee. The deer stopped and started to look around. I know they scented me, I only needed to walk 15 more yards and I would have been downwind. I waited on my knee for a shoot that didn't come. It was long and painful wait. Not moving, my body. My back and foot started to cramp up. I was almost happy when the 2 does left. It felt so good to stand. It was a good day, I saw 6 deer. Looking forward to Saturday, after Friday's snow.
    • admin
      Clay, Great to hear from you! Sounds like you didn't have a bad day! At least you made it out in the woods and saw some deer! I have been on walks holding both my bow and a gun, and had things happen where I couldn't hold it anymore, fell over. To even things like I just couldn't pull my bow back. Years ago I had a nice 8 point in the snow out about 80 yards and I was holding my shotgun up waiting on him to come out from behind this tree. All I could see was he butt and head. I waited a long time, felt like 20 minutes, I am sure it was only 8 - 10 minutes. I finally couldn't keep the gun up and longer and put it down and as soon as I did he walked out and i threw the gun up and just has I threw the gun up a doe that as it turns out was a lot closer and spooked and before I could settle in for the shot all I saw was that white tail. It happens right? Good luck Saturday, we are really looking forward to snow before the end of the season as well! :-)

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