Trail Cam Update 9/11/2013

Here are some photo's from our trail cam's that we got  recently..  Nothing too big but some different deer to look at and everyone always likes pictures of bucks big or small. Even an odd little buck.

Below are the pictures from over the past week or so, we have been trying to not check certain cameras so we do not disturb the areas but we will be checking them later in the week and hopefully there is something good on them now that hunting season has started! Hopefully we will have more pictures to share with you later in the week!

If you have pictures and would like to share them attach them to your comment on this post or email them to us!

4 Point 9/6/13

4 Point in food plot 9/6/13

7 point food plot 9/11/13

7 Point food plot 9/11/13

7 Point 9/11/13

4 Point and Odd Deer 9/11/13

Odd Deer 9/11/13 Odd Deer 9/11/13

Odd Deer 9/11/13

Odd Deer 9/11/13

Odd Deer 9/11/13

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  1. Brian
    Nice pics. Wanted to pass along a picture of this doe I shot at Loch Raven today (9/13). My first deer taken at Loch Raven and the first with my new crossbow. It was about a 30 yard broadside shot as the doe was feeding on acorns. Took off down a trail and expired about 30 yards away beneath some brush. The NAP spitfire passed through and left a nice blood trail making the tracking job pretty easy.
    • admin
      Brain, Thanks and thanks for sending us the picture! Great job and congrats! Nice big doe for the freezer. Glad you were out this evening and based on the picture got out of the woods nice and early. Good to hear the acorns are falling and the deer are feeding on them! Again congrats and great doe from Loch Raven, it can be a tricky place to hunt so glad you were able to make a harvest. Keep us posted on how your hunts go!

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