First 8 Point Buck Pictures of 2011


We finally got a picture of a nice buck after the hurricane and with our new Stealth Cam Archer’s Choice trail cam.  We got some beautiful pictures of this precocious 8 pt.  He wanted our corn and feed block really bad but was just a little too hesitant.  Unfortunately, he has already lost all of his velvet.  We are only 2 weeks out from opening day, so I guess any chance of harvesting a buck in full velvet is out of the question.  Hopefully, Mr. 8pt will come back for more delicious treats so that we can get additional footage of him. 🙂

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  1. Gino Ciotola
    Nice lookin deer. I have to say I'm pretty surprised he's rubbed clean already though. Most of the deer I've been seeing this past week have been in full velvet. Guess this guy got a little anxious!! Thanks for sharing the pics!
    • admin
      Gino, I was in shock when i saw him already rubbed clean. Normally on opening day I see about half and half, although even last year I saw 3 small bucks on opening day and they were all rubbed clean. I plan to hunt Loch Raven on opening day, so maybe the areas I hunt will still have a few in full velvet still. Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the pictures!
  2. Zach Wolfe
    Nice looking deer. I was reading your article on deer activity after hurricanes. Well, i've had my trail cam out for about three weeks now. I end up checking for any activity about every four days simply because im so anxious to check out my captures. The first three weeks i was getting on average about 250 pictures some of the regulars in the area. However, after the hurricane i recieved almost 500, with some bigger bucks making thier first time appearance. I was curious myself if it had been because of the hurricane. Just figured i'd share after reading your article...14 days and counting
    • admin
      Zach, Thanks for the comments. We had an influx of deer after the hurricane as well, including the 8 point in the picture. Storms tend to bring deer out before and after as they normally stay in their core area during the storm. Even though we might not see them regularly, your cams could still be within what they consider to be their core territory, especially around easy food sources. So they try to stockpile food before he storm and makeup for lost meals afterward. At least this has been my finding over the years. Glad your trail cam caught some pictures of some bigger deer, I hope each time that I check ours that a different and/or bigger deer has made an appearance. Good luck on opening day, let us know how you make out!
      • Zach Wolfe
        cetainly will!
        • Zach Wolfe

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